NaPoWriMo: Day 29

Prompt: a tribute to your pet.

Perhaps it’s cliche to believe
that you never forget your first
but I do hope it’s true
for me

He was short, like I am
and heavy for his size
just a couple years younger than I

Straight, short black hair
in abundance
and dark brown eyes to match
he might have been handsome
if his appearance weren’t so

But I loved him

Touch was by far
his primary love language
and he was never too busy
to come over and hang

He loved music
and would run into a room
whenever someone was practicing
piano or flute
especially clarinet
he would always sing along
though his voice was terrible

Of all the treasured memories
times we spent together
I will never forget the afternoon
we laid together on the wood floor
near the kitchen
and cuddled
for who knows how long

I know that I’m the one who left
but his passing was still hard
mostly, I felt guilty
for not being heartbroken
for having moved on

It’s strange to think about
those first weeks
when others were calling him

He was still young then
but I could see he was
destined to be so much more

Wavy, blonde hair that frizzed
in the dry winter air
and piercing chestnut eyes
everyone who sees us together
feels a need to tell me he is

But that’s not why I love him

It’s like having a giant teddy bear
to be your best friend
a kind of quiet loyalty
strong but silent support

He loves to be outdoors
he’ll smile and dance at any hint
that I might want to play some catch
a true athlete
always up for a stroll
but never too focused to stop
for a minute to smell the flowers

I know I’m not his “one and only”
and I’m okay with that
he’s a social butterfly
always calling out to neighbors
when they pass by
on the street
greeting them on my behalf

I hope I don’t take for granted
these days we have together
I know that this perfection
will not span forever
and someday we will part

but I will always love him

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