NaPoWriMo: Day 26

Prompt: fill out and use the answers to the “almanac questionnaire” as the basis for your poem. (I followed this one very loosely…)

It’s a day that should belong to the end of the year
not the heart of the second season

The crispiness of autumn air
secreted from shivering spring blossoms

The sidewalk a model of combination skin
hiding beneath the curtain of cloud

The construct of time deteriorating

I lived a thousand lives once
on days almost like this
sitting outside with notepad and pen
facing a field
on a swing
on a wooden bench
on a trampoline
in the grass
anywhere I could turn away
from man-made edifices
toward simpler eras

I was a horseback rider
caught up in mysteries of time
I was a young man
finding his first love
I was a detective
chasing an unsolved case
but my adventures always left

The setting sun is nature’s alarm
to awaken fatigue within

A colder wind demands attention
leaving no room for fragile reflections

Each breath invited into contented lungs
brings a silent prayer of gratitude

Flowers are not the only offspring of a persistent April rain

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