NaPoWriMo: Day 15

Prompt: a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music.

Guitar and voice are the best of friends
Both skilled in their own right
Neither whole without the other
True harmonic blends

How ’bout a third? asks the friendly keys
I’m playful but direct
I can brighten or make melancholic
Any song you please

Can I join you all? asks the violin
I’m nimble and quick-witted
I’d gladly take the spotlight
Or just fade softly in

May I join too? asks the clarinet
I’m quieter than most
Solos really aren’t my thing
But I’d be up for a duet

Is there room for me? asks the upright bass
I’m tall but my voice is deep
I’ll hang out in the background
To help us all keep pace

Accordion, to the side will stand
Feeling awkward and unwanted
But the clan rejoices in a unique new tone
Welcome to the band!

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