NaPoWriMo: Day 7

Prompt: a poem based on a news article.

“Look for the helpers” is what I’ve been told
When tragic events and chaos unfold
The voices of terror will beg to be seen
And berate you with images raw and obscene

But behind the tumult, discord, and dismay
The quietest heroes are at work every day
They seek not recognition, and it may not be found
Yet their selfless endeavors cease not to abound

In Naples, performers are stranded at home
With meals to prepare, while others have none
Baskets lowered from windows in forgotten tradition
Mean safe sharing of food without need for permission

Closer to home, a shelter soon can expect
A free BleachMaker tool to help disinfect
Surfaces, doorknobs, walls, and used bedding
Taking care to prevent the disease from there spreading

In Denver and elsewhere creatives unite
In face-mask production to aid in the fight
Entrepreneurs have risen to meet the demand
And support their work force when things don’t go as planned

Though there’s still much concern
In this world we’re surviving
But take heart to notice
The Helpers are thriving

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