NaPoWriMo: Day 5

Prompt: Use the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects,” originally developed by Jim Simmerman, to inspire your poem.

Her heartbeat is the dance of rain on a rooftop
The quickstep of a marathon runner

Late-summer air tastes of leather and pine
in the commute from nostril to lung
Dew seeps through to her sandled, bare toes
Moonlight is nodding approval

It’s Mary Hatch on the street of Bedford Falls
awaiting the fateful eve
when George
will lasso the moon

The lawless dragonflies of anticipation
Silently shout “no me diga!”
in the second she catches his eye

She’s a noob in this game
that is pwning of hearts
because the park is a minefield of memories

The playground she’d visit
during youth soccer games
when she was permitted to run and buy snacks
“Come right back, Em, and be careful”
but never able to resist

The only way to
control a flame
is to fuel the fire

Two silhouettes settled on two rusty swings
that creak in the chill of mid-winter
Napakakilig ng pagmamahal
Two hearts attempting to tango

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