LinkedIn Ads Introduces New Campaign Objectives & Legacy Campaign Labels

What’s Happening

LinkedIn has taken another page out of Facebook’s book and finally rolled out Brand awareness, Website conversions, and Job applicants as new campaign objective options (previously grayed out during campaign creation).

Existing campaigns with the website visits objective that are optimizing for anything besides clicks have been given this “Legacy” label: 

What It Means

The primary difference between the legacy and new campaigns will be the Key Result that is reported.

For legacy and any new Website visits campaigns, results reported will be clicks. Campaigns using the Website conversions objective, however, will instead report leads or purchases, based on the conversion action(s) selected. It is unclear at this time whether the Key Results column can be customized to show only click conversions, (if that is the advertiser preference). However, the expectation is that it will include both click and view conversions, since that is the default for LinkedIn’s Conversions column.

What to Expect

Aside from an inconsistency in Key Results reported, there does not appear to be any concern allowing your Legacy campaigns to continue running.

LinkedIn has not announced any intention to disable, remove, or stop serving ads from Legacy campaigns. However, it is recommended to use the new campaign objectives (where applicable) in any new campaigns you launch. This will allow for simplicity in future reporting and ensure you are prepared for any subsequent updates.

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