In Times of Trial

I guess I’ve just been thinking about how life is hard sometimes. There are days when I honestly don’t know how I can keep my head above water, how I can keep moving forward, how I can live with the fact that my best efforts are simply not enough and I will assuredly let someone down.

I had another one of those weeks this week. But amazingly, as He always does, the Lord somehow got me through it. No, everything was not checked off the to-do list, and not everything that was checked off got done as well or as early as I would have liked. But I survived.

Anyway, reading these verses tonight just really comforted me in a way. I felt a connection to the Savior, in this moment of His own vulnerability. The times when He, too, questioned the seemingly insurmountable task that lay before Him. There’s something so real about this–a reminder that the Savior we worship is not a myth. He truly lived, and His life was not easy. But through it all, His faith, humility, and submissiveness to the Lord’s will is what got him through.

And that’s what I can fall back on, too.

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