God Believes In You

Every so often, there are times when life just seems overwhelming. Whether it’s stress from school, time demands, faltering friendships, or heartbreak. One of the hardest and darkest of these times hit me halfway through this semester. After a fantastic weekend, when everything in life seemed to be going smoothly and my all hopes felt largely within reach, I hit that metaphorical brick wall. A single sleepless night was the only preparation I had before a morning midterm and the busiest week of the year.

I had never felt so alone, so burdened, and so helpless. I can think of few times in my life when I have prayed so earnestly or so sincerely. I completely surrendered myself to the Lord, knowing I had no strength to face the world on my own. As I walked to campus that morning, this song is what came up on my shuffled iPod. 🙂

Every simple line resonated so clearly with me, and I felt like I had just received a spiritual hug from my Savior. Christ promised in John 14:18, “I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.” I witnessed that promise being fulfilled. Before evening had even arrived, a new friend had brought unexpected deliverance.

I know that God lives! His love is truly incredible. He is fully aware of us, and He is ALWAYS here, willing and eager to help us. Even when you’re stressed, when all else seems to be falling apart, when you don’t know what is happening or how to press forward, God believes in you. 🙂

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