Things We’re Made Of

Water and ice were made of the same thing. He thought most people were made of the same thing, too….If he had to sort all humanity by its material essence, he thought he would probably end up with a single gigantic pile. But here was the interesting thing. Ice was distinct from–and in his view, better than–what it was made of. He wanted to be better than what he was made of. In Mumbai’s dirty water, he wanted to be ice.

Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Just a reminder to me of how important our choices are. We all have potential to be so much more than we are right now. We just have to recognize that and believe it. We have to believe in ourselves as the literal spirit children of God that we are. If we can catch even a small glimpse of what He sees in us, I think it does so much to help us reach that potential. 🙂

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