Where Are We Heading?

I watched the movie The Testaments tonight. Something occurred to me as I was watching the development of characters. One character, the male half of the love interest story, is the son of a believer who loses his faith and gets caught up in the enticements of wealth and the desire for success. The other, the female character, is the daughter of a successful non-believer. She is exposed to the teaching of the prophet and begins to develop faith in the words of the scriptures and the prophecies of the Messiah.

In one scene in the middle of the movie, these two characters are discussing faith in the Messiah. The female asks how the male can turn his back on the faith of his childhood and the male asks how the female can believe in something she hasn’t seen. I started thinking about these two characters. One started in a place of faith and righteousness and wandered down a path that led to pain and sorrow. The other, starting with no knowledge of the truth or faith in the Lord, finds truth and embraces it and follows a path to peace and happiness.

We all start at different places. We are all in different places in our lives right now. I believe that where we start is less important than where we are heading though. We all grow and change throughout the course of our lives. The real question is: which direction are we going? Are we a believer who has turned away from the truth and been distracted by worldly desires? Or are we seeking to grow closer to Christ as we feast upon His word and hearken to the words of His prophets?

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