A Goodnight Praise

Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.

1 Nephi 18:16

Reading this reminds me of a John Bytheway quote I heard many years ago:

“I complain about my blessings. Nephi didn’t even complain about his problems!”

I don’t have much to say tonight, other than that I am grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with. I am grateful for the monetary means to be able to live in a safe, secure place where I am warm and comfortable.

I am grateful for friendships that surround and support me in all that I do. I am grateful for an Eternal family, which provides strength and encouragement, as well as irreplaceable joy and love.

I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who presented a plan that enabled me to come to earth and receive a body. I am grateful for my Eternal Savior, who atoned for my sins, sicknesses, and sorrows, and who offers me mercy and grace so that I might be able to return to live with Him and my Heavenly Father in the Celestial Kingdom after this mortal life.

I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who leads and guides us according to the direction and inspiration He receives from the Lord.

I am grateful to have access to scriptures which have been such a strong foundation for me and my faith throughout my life. I am grateful to have a testimony of the words contained within them, in the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. I am grateful for a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, and for the desire that it ignites within me to better myself and to learn more and grow each day.

I am grateful for the beauty of the earth, the enchantment of music, and the abundance of talents that I have witnessed and continue to witness in those around me.

I am grateful for the temples of the Lord, and the opportunities that I have had to experience the immeasurable blessings of participating in temple ordinances.

I am so grateful for all that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I love Him with all my heart, and I pray for the strength to follow Him more fully as I strive to become worthy to enter His Kingdom.

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